In an attempt to help reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus and increase the safety of our clients, patients and staff we are offering a few options to our clients:
  • In Clinic Appointments:  At this time we are allowing clients to walk into the clinic to check in for their appointments. Masks are not required unless you feel more comfortable wearing one. If you’d like to wait in your vehicle until a room is ready please check in first with the receptionists and give them a phone number to reach you at once a room is cleaned and ready.
  • Curbside Appointments:  If you’d like your pet to be seen but do not want to come into the clinic we are offering this option. Please call the clinic from your vehicle to inform us that you are in the parking lot and what style vehicle you are in. A technician will get a history of what is going on with your sick pet or what is needed for your pet’s routine appointment.  Once staff is ready, a technician will come to your vehicle to get your pet. ALL PETS NEED TO BE ON A LEASH OR IN A KENNEL. Once the appointment is done, the pet will be returned to you.  Payment will need to be done either by calling the clinic with a credit card or informing the technician that you plan to pay by other means and a receptionist will assist you with payment.  Clients are required to stay in their vehicle in our parking lot and be available by phone during the pet’s appointment.
  • Prescription/Food Pickup:  You can either walk into the clinic for prescription/food pickups or call from your vehicle and provide payment information to the receptionist over then phone and we will bring your product to your vehicle.

For many reasons, Covid-19 has also caused an increased number of patients into veterinary practices across the nation. This has caused longer wait times for both appointments and scheduling elective surgeries such as dentals, spays and neuters. It has also resulted in heavy phone call volumes, please be patient if you are asked to hold as we will get to your call as quickly as possible. Like all veterinary clinics, we are attempting to see and treat as many pets as possible each day. Unfortunately, there is a limit on how many pets our veterinarians can adequately and competently see every day. We thank you for your patience!